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Mark H. Austin TX
The seven men on the team that worked on my house had worked together as a team for so long that they did not need to ask for an extra hand when they needed three hands... Each man near the one that needed help would just reach in and give that extra hand without any talking. Or would just hand over a needed tool when needed. It was a pleasure to watch professionals working together and doing an amazing amount of work each day. They finished my very complicated siding replacement within nine working days, and took care of every minor snag promptly and courteously. Amazing Exteriors did not have the lowest quote, but they had the best quality plans for how they would do the job: Remove all siding and tar paper. Inspect and replace insulation as needed (I provided the insulation). Install OSB board on all walls. Install Hardie Wrap vapor barrier (it lets vapor out, but blocks vapor from coming in). Tape all joints and openings in the Hardie Wrap. Add 3/4" styrofoam R5 insulation. Install trim around each window and corner of the house. Add metal flashing to the bottom of each wall, and at each joint, and at the top of all horizontal trim above windows. Install 4 x 8 panels of siding, trimmed as needed to make them all perfectly horizontal at the bottom, and in line with each other, and extending one inch down from the sill plate. Caulk all seams, including underneath the siding, between the foundation and the metal flashing. As they went, they installed 3" wide flashing behind each vertical joint between the siding panels, in case the caulk ever splits or detaches from the siding. Paint the house to my specification, except they wanted to charge extra to paint ALL trim a different color, instead of just the roof edge and doorway trim and front door. They removed and replaced ALL exterior wood, trim and siding, except for the 2x6 frame around the garage door. They wrapped that with Hardie trim, and added a new door stop trim. This made the garage door opening about 1.25" narrower, but it makes no difference to me; I have a small car and a 16' door.
Steve H. Wimberly TX
They haven't finished my job yet. They have been out here several times and cannot seem to get it right.
Jeremy S. Austin TX
I would recommend the windows anytime.
Thomas B. Georgetown TX
The crew never finished the job. I have a house that is still unfinished and yet to receive word when someone will come out and finish my siding. There is also several spots where they cut the siding. The sales guy came back out and told me it was installed correctly and just because it isn't visibly appealing doesn't mean it isn't correct.
Project P. Austin TX
the workers were from Kansas and at no time were they monitored by amazing s&w-austin. work that the salesperson promised would have been ignored if I was not present. .amazing s&w said they only come to the job side at final walkthrough. I had to call twice to receive the hardy and amazing guarantee..
Valerie S. Austin TX
The installation crew had little respect for my property. They didn't clean up after themselves everyday and after the project was complete they left tools at my house. The quality of the product is very good and the quality of the installation was good as well. I would never bring that crew back to this house.
Scott A. Del Valle TX
The materials and workmanship were fantastic. Trying to get the crew and understand when they would be working was problematic.
Alica S. Lakeway TX
I've never worked with anybody more professional, and they do excellent work. I can't think of anything negative about this company. They are delightful to work with, and they do really extraordinarily good work.
Bob C. Austin TX
I am very happy and house looks better than it did when it was new - way better actually.
Tim E. Cedar Park TX
I did a lot of research before I chose Amazing Siding and Windows to put siding on my home. The materials that were used were of high quality. They did not cut corners to have a quality product.
Dan S. Austin TX
Great products & even better workmanship. With this being the most expensive improvement we have done with our house, we were going into the project with apprehensive. But after the job was done & the results complete, I would recommend Amazing Siding & Windows to anyone who is looking for quality products & service for siding & window replacement.
Denise S. Leander TX
I have waited a long time for our new siding and very excited to finally make the decision. Our sales rep was friendly, honest and very helpful in explaining the product and the process. We had to wait a bit as there were many jobs ahead of us and it was the rainy season, but once they began, they worked straight through each business day until they were finished. I was out of town when they completed the job so my husband emailed me a picture and it made me cry. It is so beautiful and the colors were exactly what I wanted. Thanks Amazing!
M.W.S. Canyon Lake TX
I would highly recommend Amazing Siding and Windows. They replaced all our windows and siding. It was worth every penny!!! It's like we have a new house. I find myself spending more time outside just so I can look at the house. The only downside is now I have to landscape the yard so it looks as nice as the house. Thank You!
Jack K. Leander TX
Amazing Siding & Windows presented a good system that we thought was above the competitors. In the end when they installed it, they did a great job. We loved the results. The staff was thorough, dedicated, hardworking, and very good to work with. We are thrilled with the results.
Jerry G. Wimberley TX
The company responded quickly to me. They clearly outlined what they provided and what was included. They executed the job efficiently, cleanly and safely. Everything was top quality and I would recommend them to any one that inquired.
Alvin G. Round Rock TX
Amazing Siding & Windows is a very good company. I was very pleased with the product and materials used on my house and feel that the Hardie planks are an exceptional product that will allow you to save money on heating and cooling your home.
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