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Bill G. Menomonee Falls WI
BCI is extremely professional, all their employees are courteous and always helpful to meet our needs and requests. It was a pleasure to work with them, they were the best contractors we had in the 30 years of home ownership.
Will K. Menomonee Falls WI
The product is as expected although the communication along the way was disappointing. The project required constant follow up from us, resulting in multiple phone calls and a poor customer experience.
F.L.D. Brookfield WI
The salesman we had was very helpful, however, when he sent an email, he did not follow up to see if we read it. I, unfortunately, did not open the email as I forgot about it. When I finally did open the email 2-3 weeks after receiving it, it was to be signed so that material could be ordered. I do realized this was my fault for not opening the email right away, however, as a sales representative, you would have thought that he would call and ask if I received the email when there was no replay within a week. The day before the project was to begin, two gentlemen came to our home on a Sunday afternoon and were found walking around the house. They did not come to the door to state why they were there. We had no idea that someone from BCI was coming that day, especially a Sunday as no one communicated that to us. A little advanced notice would have been appreciated. The crew was always there on time and picked up after themselves very well with the exception of several cigarette butts found on our lawn. When the job was completed, we were never called by anyone from BCI to inquire if we were satisfied with the job done or the product itself. Actually, we have never been contacted to this day to see if we are satisfied.
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