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Coddington construction is a premier remodeler in the seattle market that focuses on quality and customer services in all of our siding, window, deck and patio cover projects.

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(copied from my angie's list review)scope of work:Remove existing vinyl and original wood siding from a 1924 home.Install new wood windows (Marvin Ultimate Clad)Install new Hardie siding (lap + shingle)Install new soffit woodwork (beaded pine)Insulate attic and walls from exterior under sidingRepair minor breaches and issues with garage and trim woodPaint garage (without residing it) and all exterior trim, and window interiorAdd gutters and rain chains to front porchreview:Overall, the job went extremely well, and I highly recommend Coddington Construction.I was fortunate to have Ken, the owner, provide the initial consultation and bid. He was very patient, and helped me understand all the details and considerations. After having met with about 7 different contractors, Ken won my business, hands-down, with his helpfulness and professionalism. Even when we ran into a few (very) minor challenges during the project, Ken was friendly and patient.I'd read in the reviews that people were very happy with Mark and Michelle's team, so I asked if I could have them do the job. And they were also great. Very friendly, respectful, and took into account every detail of the work that was planned, and made adjustments as necessary. It was a pleasure saying hello to Mark, Michelle, Brandon, and Noah each day, and we actually kind of missed them when the job was done!The original consultation was April 28.Deposit was made on May 6 to commit to the work.We had some waiting time due to:* ordering the Color Plus Hardie material, * I decided to go with a higher end window (totally worth it!!!) which needed to be special ordered,* aligning with the team's schedule of projectsOriginal estimate was that work may begin 2nd week of June, but the above resulted in us starting work end of June. This was not a problem for us. The project was estimated to take 2 weeks to complete (plus additional few days for painters). In reality, it was about ~3.5 weeks to complete construction, but we had a delay after the first 3 weeks, due to running out of some of the siding material and they needed to come back for a few days. This ended up moving us back about 3-4 weeks while waiting for material and possibly for the team to have a break between jobs again, with the team completing the final bit of construction middle of August. The painters came maybe a couple of weeks later to do the trim.We then needed to wait one last time, due to schedule alignment for the teams, to get the interior of the windows painted (I think that most people are ordering vinyl or fiberglass windows these days, I can actually empathize that it must have been a big pain to need to come and paint wood windows).The project did take longer than anticipated from start-to-finish, but I am realistic enough to know that ideal timelines are rarely achievable due to practicalities. Ken never left us in a situation where our home was in any kind of disarray. The team cleaned up the entire site every day, so that there was not an accumulation of debris. And when they were finished, it was spotless. They got the windows installed quickly, and took great care to make sure the home was well sealed from the elements during that process. And when we did have the delay, it was at a point in the project where the impact on us was basically zero.Most importantly, the quality of this work was extremely high. The workers and the business were conscientious. Ken was very accommodating in coordinating details. And communications were timely.If I had it to do over again, I would make the exact same choice that I made.
Robert S. , Seattle, WA
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