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Although the installation crew were absolutely amazing and I 100% recommend them, the administrative staff fell far short of our expectations for professional communication. We paid them in June for the job and didn't hear anything. Every time I'd ask when they would start, I'd get a message back about how he'd find out at Monday's meeting. Finally, at the beginning of August I asked for a 3rd time and got a reply from the CEO, who told me that our contact person was no longer working with them and that the project would start at the beginning of the next week. Everything was dropped off the following Monday--materials, Dumpster, portajohn, blocking our driveway and sitting on our lawn. No workers showed up for the entire week, with no word until I contacted them again. After they were finished, the portajohn was not picked up until I waited a week to email and ask when it would be removed. When they showed up, the workers worked quickly, efficiently, cleanly and for 12-hour days, 6 days a week. They were always friendly and polite. Once the work began, I spoke with our contact person several times to confirm what work was to be done. I don't speak "work order" language, so I was asking for confirmation that the crew would be doing the stuff we had added to the original order on the sides of the house. Guy said yes, yes yes and that the project would be done by the middle of the following week. However, after the crew had only done the front and back of the house, he called to say that they were wrapping up. "What about the sides?" Guy said it was the first time he'd ever heard of that and denied that I had asked him about it previously. Then, when he came to do the final inspection, he surprised us at the last moment with the bill for the extra money we were owed. Although he is correct in that it was listed in the contract that we might owe extra money, he never mentioned it in all of our previous conversations, so we were unprepared and shocked. We were clearly irritated at his unprofessionalism, and he had the nerve to say that he hoped that it wouldn't interfere with any future business! Last, I want to specially mention how our contact person treated the workers who did such a great job. He took credit for everything they did! "They really work well and work hard, and they're so friendly," we said. His reply was always something along the lines of, "Yeah, we've really worked on them to be good." In addition, he called one of the workers by the wrong name--imagine Juan being called John. It's my opinion that the people who actually do the work of the company should be treated well by the company.
Lesley D. , Lakewood, OH
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