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Michael K. Loenard MI
I was told the job would take 10 to 20 days it took over 60 dsysl. They had to order 7+ times from 2 suppliers get the right material and all the material. I had to change the color since the material was ordered wrong.
Heather F. Plymouth MI
My experience could only be described as TERRIBLE! This was an exterior remodel of both siding and stone work and my experience was horrible. 90% of the work had to be re-done, sometimes multiple times, to get the work done to the quality level that customers would expect. They were not concerned about the fact that I was living at the house while the work was being done. Left the property with their equipment and ladders spread over the yard. Nails and debris left in areas where we needed to walk to get into the house. My daughter even got stuck with a nail in her bare foot trying to get into the house. They had no concern about time. A job that was supposed to take 4 - 6 weeks, took 7 months. We were not treated as a priority, and rotated through about 7 different crews by the time the job was completed. Each crew managed to come and fix one thing and mess up several others. If Performance actually has some good crews based on some of the other reviews, they didn't give us any. We got bottom of the barrel. Would not recommend this company to anyone!
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