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Some parts of the siding and soffit job went well but others were bad. The first crew (2 man) did a good job of the aluminum soffit but they were sloppy in the installation of the Hardie board siding. 1. All boards come with a sheet of plastic to protect the finish and it is supposed to stay on until the last moment before installation. They pulled it off before they even started cutting. This was a big problem because it was raining so that all of the cement dust stuck to the painted side of the siding and it was very difficult to wash off. Some of the cement dust stayed on the siding for a week and it is corrosive. I believe it discoloured a few sections.2. After pulling off the plastic, they cut on the painted side of the siding. The metal saw base scratched and scuffed the painted finish on many boards. It is difficult to see the scratch and scuff marks when the boards are wet but when they are dry, they are very obvious. I have photos.3. When you cut from the finish side of the siding and trim with a circular saw, it leaves a rough, splintered edge that looks terrible and is difficult to paint. That is another reason you are to cut from the backside of the material. I was forced to fix the splintered edges myself. I have photos.4. They cut many boards too long and forced them in. I have since found out that there is supposed to be 1/8" gap when butting up to trim material to allow for expansion. There is at least one board that was installed too long and does not lay flat. An insect trap. Since they did the job in the cool of the fall, I believe I am going to get a lot of buckling on the south side of my house during the summer. 5. They put on many damaged boards. I guess that a lot of boards can be damaged from the factory or I think they were from another job because the plastic was in rough shape like it had been handled many times. They left a 'used' touch up kit for ME to fix the damaged boards. I have photos.6. They put some of the damaged boards in very visible locations such as right beside a door. Yes, it is a bit more work to recut material but if they paid a bit more attention, it would not happen. I had to complain and they changed the boards. I have photos.7. All exposed Hardie board edges are to be painted. They did not do that.8. The first crew started to do the caulking but did such a terrible and amateurish job that I stopped them. I have photos.9. One of the men in the two man crew only did nailing and was careless in details. For example. There was a bit of concrete sticking out from the corner of the foundation. Rather than knock it off with a hammer which would have been so easy to do, they left it and installed the rain screen directly on top of the concrete bump. When they installed the corner trim, it was out of plumb three quarters of an inch over six feet. Highly obvious. They did not want to fix it. I had to pull off the corner and knock off the concrete myself. In another example, they had to join two pieces of trim over a window with one piece being about two feet long. They nailed the short piece a half inch out of level. Again, I have to complain before it gets fixed.Thankfully, they hired someone else to do the cedar soffit and siding. That fellow was a true professional. He also did a great job of caulking the Hardie siding. It is a difficult experience to describe. On one hand, the first siding crew did a reasonably good job but it is the attention to detail that is troublesome. Most of it looks decent especially where the boards did not get scuffed and scratched. Dima and Alex are very good at keeping the job going and following up. Where they fall down was in not supervising the siding crew and making them follow Hardie protocol. They said that in the lighter coloured siding, you don't see the scratches and scuffs. That is not good enough. They also did not follow through in offering to fix the defects. I know that in the late fall, it is too cold and damp to use the touch up paint but they never offered to come back in the spring. I was a little frustrated and never asked.I could say more but I think you get the picture.
Aaron G. , North Vancouver, BC
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