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Colorado Siding Repair recognizes that replacing the siding on your house is about more than just fixing up your house’s exterior. It’s about protecting your investment, perhaps one of your largest investments. It’s about restoring, preserving, and rejuvenating your home, which is your family’s sacred space.


Replacing your siding is a big investment and we understand that big purchases like these can be scary!


We also know how frustrating it can be to get straight answers and clear, upfront pricing that is easy to understand. That’s why we strive to be transparent and educational in our approach to your project. This is, after all, your project. We’re just here to help guide you in accomplishing your goals for your home. We know you want to be able to feel that pride-in-ownership that comes with knowing your home is build to last, and we want to help you get there. We also want to help you protect your pocketbook in the process.

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Contractors understand the importance of keeping clients and workers safe. Many have adopted new standard ways of working, such as replacing in-person meetings with virtual conferencing and limiting the size of on-site crews. Ask your potential contractor about the specific measures they have in place to ease any concerns you may have.

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Cash is an absolute gaslighter. He claims to be certified in all the requirements for Hardie siding, but his crew installed the first course without flashing over the masonry, and when I pointed out that was a problem he made us schedule a walkaround with the Hardie rep instead of just knowing it was wrong and just fixing it. They also didn't seal the screw holes on the soffits as required by Hardie until I called them out on it. Other issues included- leaving a half pound of nails in my front and back yard for days, until I borrowed a magnet and picked them up myself (I have pets and a child), thin, patchy paint that needed to be redone, overspray of the main color left on the trim (that I also paid to have painted), the work crew throwing siding materials onto my plants and crushing them, stepping all over my plants and crushing them, cleaning their paintbrushes in my garden, after I asked them not to, killing a patch of grass with what I suspect was used paint thinner for their brushes. I was also told by Cash that tarps would be put down all around the house when they removed the siding, and that didn't happen, so I was picking up bits of debris around the house all summer. Oh, and they tried to get me to sign a change order after the change was made without consulting me. Yeah, no.
Nelson S. , Lakewood, CO
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