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All States Exteriors is a family owned business located in Wichita Ks. Installation, Installation, Installation. This is our focus and our passion.

All States Exteriors was started in 1992. Cris, Jim and Daryn Keeter own and operate this business which has been serving Wichita and the State of Kansas proudly. With 30+ employees on staff, we are proud to be a James Hardie preferred Remodeler and we strive every day to provide the best installation in the business by conforming to, and following the installation guidelines as set forth by James Hardie.

Products Are Only As Good As The Installation

We understand that even the best products made, installed incorrectly will not perform as it was designed to so our emphasis is on training and supervision. But with that said our two crews of installers are by far the most talented individuals in the business and we can back that up.

Remodeling Magazines Big 50 Companies Of The Year

All States Exteriors has received many awards in our industry for excellence. The most recent came in March of 2011 when All States Exteriors was named one of Remodeling Magazines BIG 50 companies of the year. This is the most prestigious award in the industry.

Each year Editors single out companies that demonstrate broad expertise, sound business judgment, and a high degree of professionalism. Remodeling Magazine says "In a climate which survival is considered an achievement, they have somehow managed to thrive".

Do Your Research

Homeowners that are doing their due diligence by researching products to replace existing products that may be old or even fairly new but failing we appreciate your efforts in doing your research. All States Exteriors has some advice to homeowners to help simplify the whole process. We call this the 4p's of a construction project.

  1. 1. Problem - What is the problem that has prompted you to think about replacing your siding?
  2. 2. Product - What product is best suited to fix the problem?
  3. 3. People - Who are the best people to fix the problem?
  4. 4. Price - What is the best price to fix the problem?

Education is the key to the homeowner’s success and at All States we take pride in the education process.

Map of All States Home Improvements Wichita Recent Projects

Contractors understand the importance of keeping clients and workers safe. Many have adopted new standard ways of working, such as replacing in-person meetings with virtual conferencing and limiting the size of on-site crews. Ask your potential contractor about the specific measures they have in place to ease any concerns you may have.

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We have used All States Exteriors twice in 14 years and have been more than happy and satisfed both times!! They stand behind their work and warrenty.
Ross A. , Wichita, KS
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