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Diane V. Austin TX
I would suggest you run from these guys. They are the most unprofessional contractor I have ever known. We signed the contract on November 6, 2017 and it is now June 6, 2018 and they are still not finished. They painted our roof, neighbors bushes, lost the hardware for my exterior lights, painted my brand new windows, left one exterior door unpainted, destroyed the disconnect for my outside AC Unit, never put the pipes back against the house, lost my door bell and drilled the holes for the replacement in the wrong place. While installing the window trim ruined three windows. The replacement window parts arrived over a month ago. I called Allied and they thought they had been installed already. They have not returned to reinstall the screen doors they removed. That hardware is probably lost also They used my ladders, air compressor and chainsaw. They used my outside AC unit as a saw horse I had clean out all the coils and vacuum out the saw dust before using. The job foreman showed up to work in open toed flip flops, jogging pants and a tank top. They broke a water faucet on the side of the house. After forgetting to install soffit vents refused to give credit when I told them I didn't want them anymore.. Once again run from these guy. They wouldn’t know a straight line if it bit them. Use anybody else. Pay more use Anderson or people from the Home Depot day labor force you will get a better job. I hope this info saves some other home owner from the horrible expienerence we had. I have been more than patient in this matter. I would give them less than one star if possible. I even retracted my first review and gave them a second chance back in April.
Matt H. Round Rock TX
In August 2017 was our initial visit for a quote. We were expecting to start in October; however due to the hurricaine, contractors were unavailable to start. That part was understandable. In Nov, we then had a crew come out to our home, discuss the specs, and indicate that they would start "soon."Then there was radio silence for the month of December. No updates, no checking in, no responses to our reaching out (both via e-mail, and phone calls). After a month of no contact, finally somebody reached out and worked with me on this. I was hoping to back out of the project; however due to allied's terms and conditions (if you sign for financing) you owe 50% of the cost of the project WHETHER OR NOT THEY DO ANY WORK. Be very sure that you read the terms on the web-site, because this is a critical loop-hole. In the end, they agreed in writing to reduce the cost of the project (both due to a reduction in the agreed upon scope, and a discount they indicated they would apply), commit to a time-line, and "sub-contracted" the work to ALL RESTORATION HOME. All restoration home did an excellent job, and as the job progressed, Allied did check in to see that things were being completed satisfactorily. I commend the sub contractors who were hard working, reliable, and kept things going well. However in retrospect I wish I had worked directly with the crew who were sweating hard each day, rather than involving allied who really only purchased the materials and connected me to the contractor. The cherry on top is the finale. When I discussed with Allied the cost that should be applied to the synchrony account (which I authorized because I knew the funds were needed to pay the sub-contractors) we verbally confirmed my understanding- that the cost of the project was a reduced fee as mentioned above. To my surprise when the first bill came THE AGREED UPON CHANGE IN SCOPE WAS NOT APPLIED. THEY CHARGED ~$3000K MORE THAN THE FINAL AGREED UPON COST TO THE SYNCHRONY ACCOUNT. As of the time of this review this issue has not yet been resolved but granted, it has only just been escalated within Allied. I want to give them the opportunity to have this resolved before pursuing legal action. In short, although my project was completed with satisfactory quality, Allied did not do that work. The only thing they really did in my case was get me qualified for financing, connect me to a sub-contractor, and provide the materials. The administrative team there have been apologetic and cited internal challenges but that is no excuse for such a mis-management. Maybe my case is an exception. But if you are considering this company please understand their role- you're better off working with the guys who do the work and just purchasing the material yourself.
Diane V. Austin TX
Run from these guys. They are the worse company I have ever done business with. Hiring them was the biggest mistake I ever made. The aggravation the quality of work is so bad. 6 months later and still not finished. They painted my roof, my roof, my neighbors bushes, my brand new Windows they installed,still waiting for punch list items to be finished, poor communications, they turned what should been fun and exciting into a nightmare.
Amelia L. Round Rock TX
The crew working on my house did a great job installing and painting the siding. It's like a brand new house.
Dave K. Round Rock TX
We are very glad we chose Allied. We had been saving for years and checked out multiple companies. In commercial construction myself, I was worried about service and quality. Allied was the most affordable, knowledgeable, and complete service we could find. Other higher priced companies did not perform a full service in my mind and could not even answer questions I had regarding proper waterproofing. Once selected, Allied's service and quality went way above my expectations. Tim was knowledgeable, very patient, and trustworthy with our budget. Abel's and Tony's crews were outstanding with the install. Very professional. They took great care of our home and surroundings while basically completely redoing the entire exterior. They were over the top polite and respectful. And quality was better than I could have asked for. They took care of little things I can't imagine any other company or crew doing. Our home is beautiful and we actually miss our new friends. And our neighbors can't stop talking about the house!
Gary T. Pflugerville TX
I am extremely pleased with the finished product and feel that I got a lot of value for my money. Allied siding was the lowest bid of the four bids that I got so I had a little reservation about the service I would receive. Allied did not disappoint. They were able to expedite my installation when another customer was unable to start on their scheduled date. They completed the whole job of removing the old siding, installing the weather barrier, installing the siding and trim and painting in just 7 days. The crew also cleaned up at the end of everyday. The subcontractors that they used to install my gutters did an equally admirable job. One location on my roof was somewhat irregular but Mario from M&R Seamless Rain Gutters was able to customize the gutter to fit perfectly. All in all I am very satisfied with the work done and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for new siding and gutters.
Ryan B. Austin TX
Allied's customer service was awful and the amount of time the project has taken has just been unbelievable. I have also developed a trust issue with them, they say things are done and then they aren't.
Eric M. Austin TX
We could not be more pleased with Allied Siding and Windows. The work they did on our house was excellent and we are thrilled with the results. All of the staff we worked with were professional and courteous. I will highly recommend Allied Siding and Windows to anyone.
Jim L. Pflugerville TX
I had both windows and siding done and am extremely pleased with the entire experience. Top quality products with expert installation all at a competitive price. Would, and have recommended to others. Excellent!
Robert A. Georgetown TX
Allied failed to let me know when they were going to start work but once I got over that they did an exceptional job installing our Hardie siding. Completed in a timely manner and very professional.
Nicole W. Austin TX
The project manager was very knowledgeable and on top of everything. He was helpful throughout the entire process and made sure his workers were on time and efficient. He made sure the end product was exactly what I wanted.
Jimmy B. Round Rock TX
My experience with Allied Siding was subpar, to say the least. Quality of workmanship was bad and I was not satisfied with the job at all. They've come out and tried to address my concerns and I still have many concerns that have not been addressed.
Thomas B. Georgetown TX
I had windows and siding replaced on my house. The crew installing the windows did a wonderful job and continued to make adjustments to keep me satisfied. The siding crew started off great but towards the end the quality and workmanship declined to the point they did not finish the touch up work and left some work unsatisfactory. The sales representative (project manager) was the worst person after the sale. When I explained my issues his response was along the lines of since it is installed correctly the fact that the lines are not cut straight is not a concern that they will come back and remedy. That being said if you choose to go with allied, you may get great work, you may get poor work. Do not sign off until you are completely satisfied or your issues may not get resolved.
Jonathan B. Austin TX
Allied siding had a great team of professionals that installed my windows and siding. I am super happy with the work that was done.
Louis D. Lakeway TX
Had Allied Siding received a permit to do the work, my job would have taken 2 days.Because of where I live, and the fact that no permit was acquired, it took over 2 months.That's 2 months with more rain than any other time in history! With NO exterior wall on my house.The sub that did the work was great, but Allied and my neighborhood did not play well together.
Sandra S. Cedar Park TX
Allied Siding & Windows finished the project well within timeline and budget. I'm very pleased with their work. The sales team as well as work crew were very polite, courteous and left my home looking gorgeous. I will certainly use them again and am always recommending them to my friends.
Rob H. Round Rock TX
Excellent experience through and through. We had a couple tiny quality issues that I caught during the project - the kind of oversights you expect during a quick turn-around project. The project manager responded immediately and the issues resolved before the crew left the site. I was very impressed with the overall speed and value Allied offered.
Richard C. Georgetown TX
They do what they say they are going to do but you have have to remind them sometime.
Ronda D. Bastrop TX
If I could give them a 10, I would.
Tracy C. Leander TX
There were problems with the construction crew from the get go. I different group each day. Because of ongoing issues with the installation and painting a new Project Manager had to be called in to fix the problems. My yard was left with trash and debris from the old siding, tape residue left on windows after painting, porch light was not put back where it belonged on the patio. The Painter on the project could have taken a little more pride in his work, and made it a whole lot better. I am going to have to do touch-ups in some areas. Overall the job ended okay, but Allied lacks in some areas.
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