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Peggy B. Collierville TN
Fabulous experience from beginning to end!!
very professional, thorough bid package, knowledgeable and courteous
On time, efficient, consistent and caring. Their communication with us was awesome!
John B. Germantown TN
Lowell and the whole crew was the best experience I have had with contractors. They were professsional, personable and did a great job communicating with me and keep me in the loop with the progress.
Denise M. Memphis TN
The start and finish of the project went smoothly. I was out of town, and he kept in touch with me to let me know the progress. When I was in town I could see the progress. The workers went above and beyond what they were called to do. I highly recommend ContractingPro to anyone who needs the work that they do. They will be pleased. They do what they say they are going to do and there will always be a good result.
Raymond T. Memphis TN
My salesperson, Carlton Hamilton, did a great job. He followed up with everything that was supposed to happen. After the project was completed, there was one board that needed one nail, so he sent someone back out to put the one nail on the one board. I was very impressed, and I would go with ContractingPRO again and again. 
Tony M. Cordova TN
From my first meeting with Noah Hinte until completion of our project to replace roof and siding, including painting, I was impressed with ContractingPRO's attention to what I wanted and why. Options were always clearly presented with appropriate detail for me to decide how to proceed. The affect of decisions on cost were always clearly presented and without overly zealous sales pitches. The roofers and siding crews were polite and considerate, and with the exception of damage to a highly valued native azalea, worked to limit their impact on our daily lives. The contract clearly noted that ContractingPRO cannot be held accountable for damage to plants. I am comfortable in knowing the cost for our project was fair and accurately reflected expectations based upon the approved contract estimate.
Greg E. Collerville TN
Lowell Hinte, the general manager, and a partner at Contractor Pro (CP), and everyone who was involved in the various projects were truly outstanding. Lowell oversaw the various construction teams that specialize in their area including those that replaced our 31 aging and high maintenance wood windows with high quality-double pane "low e," type vinyl windows which look outstanding. The installation with the window frame positioning, fit/finish, and caulking was absolutely perfect. The installer was conscientious and removed and replaced decaying wood on the house which was hidden by the old window frames. We have found that the new windows made a dramatic difference not only in appearance, ability to open and close easily, but while looking outside the visibility is superior to our old windows and not to mention the energy efficiency which we will enjoy. Next ... CP replaced around 70% of the Masonite type exterior siding, which was buckling due to weather and age. They also replaced all the exterior wood trim, which was deteriorating, and they replaced it with "hardy" type wood which will not rot. A shout-out to Yiere and Pablo, the two carpenters who worked tirelessly in high heat and humidity and who performed perfectly until the job was complete. I kept adding things as they went along ... when you have two very competent and conscientious pros at your house, well it is smart to take advantage while they are available. Yiere and Pablo took on the additional work and with minimal up-charges from CP. Clay Selden, the CP manager who oversaw the installation of the new roof covering some 4,000 square feet, saw that it came out perfect. Next, Lowell oversaw the installation of all new aluminum gutters which look perfect in every detail and will never need painting unlike the old gutters. One last call-out that speaks to the quality of CP is the fact that a portion of the nearly flat roof which covers our patio incurred some scuffing marks from the painters and gutter installers walking on the new roof, (note: the roof was very hot and susceptible to marring due to the weather so not the guys fault per se), but Lowell had the roof completely replaced so that the scuff marks and integrity of the roof is perfect. I really appreciated the fact that Lowell lived up to his promises on any and all occasions where a decision had to be made which would keep the job perfect and myself and my wife well pleased. My home is 26 years old and now with the new windows, roof, siding, and gutters ... everything that CP replaced ... our home is like new on the exterior and barring any weather-related issues and painting as needed, it will be maintenance free for many years to come. I did a lot of research online and now I am pleased that my review will join all the other excellent reviews which you will find on Contracting Pro, it is all true. CP is a very well-run company, and a homeowner would be wise to hire them. I should also mention that I spoke to other general contractors and companies that specialize in one facet or another like window and roofing companies and perhaps they would have been fine, maybe ... but it was so nice to have one point of contact for the entirety of the projects with Lowell and Contracting Pro. Lowell is very quick, smart, and most importantly, he is one of the most conscientious people that you could ever do business with. Lowell said over the course of various phases that he would not be satisfied until my wife, and I were satisfied, and it proved to be true as Lowell was on top of every issue throughout and to the end. I met a few of the managers that work under Lowell, and they are all young yet very experienced, as is Lowell, so you will know that they will be around for a long time to assist you through the years. Regarding pricing, I found CP to be very competitive and lower priced on the installation costs of the windows and the roof. Without a doubt you are securing a high-quality team of professionals as proven to me, so I would gladly recommend Contraction Pro to all my neighbors, friends and to all the homeowners who want to eliminate the risk of hiring a contractor that over promises and under delivers.
Calotta E. Germantown TN
After being a victim of 2 scammers, was so blessed to find Lowell Hickle with ContractingPro. The much needed repairs were not patched, but professionally replaced. Very quickly and efficiently done at a very fair price.
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