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Mark V. West Chester PA
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Keith G. Downingtown PA
Outstanding job and the house looks amazing. Would highly recommend Five Star Contractors to anyone looking to do a stucco remediation. We looked at and received bids from more than half a dozen contractors. Five Star's knowledge, customer-centric approach, track record, and open and honest communication set them apart. Matt from a sales perspective, and then Martin and the crew did an outstanding job through the whole process - project evaluation, proposal, and all parts of the project to completion. The crews were not only extremely competent but professional and courteous. In addition to doing an outstanding job they were always on time and Martin kept us fully informed. Thanks Martin, Matt and Five Star!!
Gary M. Kennett Square PA
The personnel at 5 Star were extremely knowledgable(on both structural ans aesthetic issues), courteous, organized and gave the highest attention to all details. All work was performed in a timely manner and I am highly pleased with the quality of the work product.. The project manager was highly professional, responsive and helpful on issues which arose during the course of the project. They were always willing to entertain all questions during the course of the project and to respond quickly and completely. They were as attentive to prep and clean-up work as they were to the actual remediation work itself. I give 5 Star the highest possible recommendation for performance of stucco remediation work.
Eric S. Downingtown PA
We grateful for the skill and care that each of your workers took in the remediation of our home and in restoring both its beauty and exterior integrity. Our home looks better than it did when we purchased it new. I have confidence that the workmanship and material used will last for many years to come. Thank you Five Star.
Luke L. Philadelphia PA
Let me start by saying that I’m Polish as are the owners of Five Star Contractors, Inc. and many of the laborers that perform the variety of jobs offered or better yet challenges accepted. Our common nationality aside, I certainly didn’t receive any special treatment or discounts nor did I expect any. Conversely, I probably gave the crew a harder time than the average customer because I’m extremely detail oriented and certainly wasn’t going to stand for any sloppy work. Based on prior experiences with other companies and contractors who performed less than optimally when left alone, I took as much time off from work as I could so as to be home and supervise the progress of this project. I can comfortably say that I was present about 90% of time the construction was ongoing. I found the entire crew from the owners to job site managers to the skilled workers most trustworthy and easy to work with. The work was executed superbly and in a timely manner. The original scope of work was to replace poorly installed stucco on the 3-story back wall of the townhome that was leaking to point that it literally rained inside our kitchen through the sliding glass door frame during inclement weather. This also included replacing the two windows and two sliding glass doors on this wall. It took me about 1 year and probably a hundred phone calls and meetings with other contractors all of whom rejected the job (due to the logistics of all materials including scaffolding having to be carried through the first floor of the home to reach the backyard that otherwise had no access) before finding Five Star who accepted the challenge without hesitation. The work began promptly once the scope of the project was agreed upon and contracts signed. Care was taken to protect our home as the supplies for the scaffolding and subsequent projects were carried through the home to the backyard. As the stucco teardown progressed, a modest but not overwhelming amount of mold was discovered on parts of the insulation and wood framing of the home all of which was successfully removed, treated and repaired/replaced using high quality products and materials. New siding by James Hardie was beautifully installed with specialized framing of the windows and vents. Also arranged by Five Star was the replacement of the windows and sliding glass doors on the back wall which lead to a small expansion of the project, the addition of a window to the wall in the kitchen to allow for more light. This addition proved no problem for the crew and all of the windows and doors were successfully installed by Five Star. One of the windows on the back wall had a Juliet balcony that had to be taken down and then reinstalled. This was ‘easily’ done by the crew with the scaffolding in place. Since we also have a larger Juliet balcony in the front of the house, we decided to have that one taken down as well so that both could be sanded and powder coated. Five Star readily built a smaller scaffold in the front of the house to remove and reinstall the larger balcony with assistance of a fork lift. (The other logistics for the powder coating were arranged by myself.) Both balconies were expertly installed with attention not to scratch the new coat.As the job progressed, we found that the roof of the 9-year-old home was also poorly installed as it lacked an adequate moisture barrier from the elements and also ventilation from the home itself which allowed humidity and thus mold to accumulate under it. So from the original idea of simply replacing the stucco with siding, we expanded the job scope to replace our roof. Of course this meant that the rooftop deck had to be dismantled and eventually a new one built in its place. Five Star not only removed the old roof but also reinforced it so a new, much more expansive deck could be built on top of and re-pitched it for optimal water drainage. They seamlessly coordinated with our roofer for the replacement roof and then solidly built a new deck out of Azek. The idea of a new roof with expanded deck lead to another challenge accepted by Five Star, expansion of the pilot house so that a wet bar could accompany our new deck. The outer structure and subfloor were built, the exit to the roof was rebuilt and door replaced and the plumbers, electricians and HVAC specialists were organized by Five Star to bring this project to fruition. Lastly, we wanted to replace front door of the home and water proof the entry way (which as you guessed it would leak into the basement). Five Star removed the old door, top stone forming the entry step and the outside paneling of the entry way. They competently water proofed the entire area and beautifully installed a new door, stone step and paneling. This review is being written about 5 months since all the work has been completed by Five Star. Since that time, we’ve had quite a lot of rain, heavy at times and I am so pleased to say that it no longer rains inside our home. Not only that, but our home looks wonderful from the siding and pilot house to the new windows, deck, balconies and front door. None of this would have happened had Five Star not been up to the challenge(s). We thank Five Star and all members of its crew for their professionalism in treating our home as if it was their own and performing top notch, quality work.
AnneMarie M. Philadelphia PA
I would highly recommend Five Star to anyone facing moisture intrusion issues, especially those living in the city. There are very few reputable contractors who will take on stucco remediation work in the city. We reached out to at least 10 different contractors, many of whom didn't even bother responding or informed us that the city was a logistical nightmare and that they weren't interested in helping us. It was very discouraging! Five Star was the total opposite, they responded to us immediately and work was underway within 8-10 weeks of our initial meeting. I dealt directly with Michal Z., the company owner, throughout the course of our project, and he was truly amazing to work with. He was always accessible and responsive to our needs, and did everything he could to help us. It was so refreshing to work with a contractor who actually wants to help solve your problems, rather than just make a quick buck and say "no" every time they are faced with a new challenge. When our fiberglass contractor bailed at the last minute, Michal worked with us to find a new fiberglass contractor and coordinated directly with him. When we decided to order new windows at the last minute, it was not an issue. And when we decided to reside an entire side of our house after the initial work was completed and we had a better gauge of our total costs, they were happy to help. We were never told "no" or given a litany of excuses for why something couldn't be accommodated, which has been my experience with many contractors and home professionals. I am also a very detail-oriented person and was extremely satisfied with all aspects of their work as Michal does an excellent job of keeping track of all details, big and small, as well. This helped me feel much more at ease and comfortable with an otherwise intrusive and stressful home project, as I knew Michal and his team were doing honest, excellent work and would take great care of us. This was not an inexpensive or quick project for us, which is why I was so happy we selected Five Star and wouldn't think twice about hiring anyone else!
Jen J. Chester Springs PA
Five Star demonstrated that they live up to their name...Five Stars. They are true, skilled professionals who take pride in the quality of their work. They consistently went out their way to ensure we were happy. They regularly went above and beyond the requirements of the contract and always did the right thing. Let's face it, no one ever wants to experience the expense and disruption of stucco remediation. If you own a stucco home in PA, sadly you will eventually be forced to do stucco remediation to save your home. When that time comes, the only choice, if you want the job done right, is Five Star. We extensively researched stucco remediation companies. We also interviewed at least 10 homeowners who shared their experiences with remediation. Everyone raved about Five Star. They are worth the money. We now have a beautiful home again…like brand new. Thank you Five Star!
Diana G. St. Davids PA
Quality of work exceeded expectations. Cost is something that is personal, but you get what you pay for. They were not the lowest bid, but most thorough in their explanation of all costs. The timeline for the project went longer than anticipated and hindsight says that a caveat should be built into process for any fall/winter work when weather will be a factor.
Maria Y. West Chester PA
My house was in very poor condition and in need of emergency remediation. It had many specific issues. The workmen consulted each other before deciding the best solution for each problem. Together, they got it done. Not only does it look better, but structurally the repairs will last for a very long time. The Company does provide a booklet at the end of the project detailing what was done and describing all warranties.
Joseph B. Chester Springs PA
Five Star Contractors, Inc. did a fantastic job from start to finish. They truly take pride in their work and go above and beyond construction guidelines. We are so proud of our beautiful, remediated home. We know there were no corners cut.
Aniruddha B. Philadelphia PA
Michal and his team were efficient and professional. We have pets in the house and they were respectful and careful while the construction was ongoing. The workmanship was good and we were always informed of the issues and work plans. The on-site as well as office staff was responsive and was able to provide reasonable estimates of cost and time. Overall, I strongly recommend Five Star contractors to anyone considering their services.
John L. Landenberg PA
Five Star Contractors Inc. is a very professional company. They addressed all our questions and worked with us with a previously signed roofing contractor. The work they did was exceptional. Everyone agrees that it looks like we have a new house.
Lynette C. Downingtown PA
Five Star deserves their reputation as the best stucco remediation firm in Chester County. They were courteous and professional from our initial meeting to our final walk through. We stretched our budget to go with Five Star and feel it was well worth it.
Jim M. Chester Springs PA
Excellent team of craftsmen that are professional, capable, and very easy to work with. Results exceeded our expectations in all areas.
Alex H. Phoenixville PA
I was very pleasantly surprised at attention to detail and the cleanliness of the job site by Five Star. They treated our home with TLC. They handled the unexpected repairs very professionally.
Dawn H. Glen Mills PA
We were extremely satisfied and we would highly recommend them.
Aaron C. Philadelphia PA
We are so happy that we chose to have Five Star repair our home. They were outstanding in every area. On time, on budget, managed our expectations. The job site was always left clean and neat. We have a beautiful new home thanks to all their hard work.
Steve M. Springfield PA
The work was well done and the team kept us informed along the way.
Bill S. West Chester PA
Five Star’s professionalism, craftsmanship, and diligence in doing their upmost to provide the best quality remediation experience for us was outstanding. They treated our home like they were working on their own home.
Marisa J. Philadelphia PA
Five Star Contractors are extremely professional and timely in performing all the work at our house. Their employees work so hard at the highest level of craftsmanship. We highly recommend them to anyone that may need stucco remediation.
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