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Robin M. Downingtown PA
Precision Contracting was great to work with. The crew was friendly, detailed and knowledgeable. The crew was at our home on time every day for 8 weeks. The management team was responsive and diligent. The finished product exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend.
Dawn C. Chester Springs PA
The Precision team became colleagues in our journey of a major external renovation of our home. A job of this scope is invasive in your life - our familiar, friendly colleagues delivered a beautiful job and meticulously kept the site as tidy and livable as possible. Our project manager helped us navigate things we didn't understand and things we didn't want to navigate ourselves. We enjoyed working with the team, admired the eye for the art of making an architectural concept come true (despite the realities that made this difficult), and the expert delivery of complex engineered systems that upgraded and protected our home for the long term.
Spephen K. Bryn Mawr PA
The owner of the company spent a lot of time with us and really knew what he was talking about. The crew was meticulous, friendly and neat. Job looks great! Would negotiate price up front and be sure to spell out all upgrades to be sure they are included in price.
Linda B. Chadds Ford PA
We had such a great experience and are so happy with our beautiful new siding! Everyone was prompt, professional and friendly. Precision provided high quality workmanship with attention to detail and wonderful customer service. Highly recommend!!
Cheryl S. Berwyn PA
Precision Contracting puts the client first. The employees bring a high quality of expertise in their fields to the job.The planning and construction phases are executed very professionally. Communication with the client is excellent. There is as much attention to every phase of the job including preparation, clean-up and follow-up on those difficult last details. The project itself ran quickly and smoothy even with global pandemic supply chain issues. The workmen did not leave you in the lurch at anytime; communicating supply chain issues to the owners and involving them in any and all decision making. We were so pleased to work with this Co, we are thrilled with the results.
Nick C. Spring City PA
We were one of the many families in SE PA who had stucco failure. For us, the major issue was our windows leaking, but there also were hairline stucco cracks that failed (due to freeze/thaw cycles around here). We contacted Precision and Mike (owner) came out for a consult. He spent a lot of time explaining the problems, what corrections would be needed, and what materials would be used. His knowledge, thoroughness, and passion made us feel like he was the only guy for the job! We also wanted the security that our home would be water tight from here on. These reasons are why we went with Precision.The process of nailing down the contract took a while, in part because I have a great interest in home building (it's not my work, I just love it). My wife and I also wanted some traditional details to match our PA farmhouse style home. I said I wanted to be EXTREMELY involved and that's what happened. Communication throughout was open and collaborative.Our contract included stucco remediation, reframing parts of the roof for better rainwater management, all new windows, installation of Hardie Plank siding, several architectural details (like roof gable extensions, traditional window and dormer trim, etc.), new soffits/eaves/gutters, and new stucco on our chimney and entry (we decided we'd leave a tiny bit of stucco after feeling comfortable about how it would be installed).Once the old stucco and underlayment came off, we saw that we had major damage. Framing under a large family room window was totally rotted through and the lower wall had to be completely replaced. I watched the crew complete this work, and they were very detail oriented, ensuring everything that would be behind the siding was rock solid. This was the same for all areas they had to remediate. The house was completely wrapped with Drain Wrap and all seams neatly taped.New windows were next. The crew also removed and reset all entry doors including a large patio door. This latter work was so Precision could guarantee that the house would remain watertight once they were done. (We talked about this before we signed the contract, and I was blown away that a firm would go to these lengths.)Siding and trim then went up, and it looks amazing. Fit and finish is fantastic. The trim looks especially good. This was a big deal to us since we were looking for our windows to have an "old school" look. They look like you see in older houses, seamless with a traditional sill and the window sash set back. This was the single best contracting experience we've ever had. The work is impeccable, and the crew kept a neat jobsite. I think you can always improve things, and I'm going to qualify this by saying improvement for me comes down to how contractor and homeowner work together. It's not one sided. So here's some advice for folks contemplating a job like this:- if you have any details that you are particular about, work with the firm to get them drawn up or draw them yourself. In our case, we had some dormer trim and gable returns that needed reworking. The truth is that we weren't fully connected up on how the build would go. Luckily we caught these before every single instance was complete. Precision did not complain in the least about tearing some stuff out and redoing. Still, we felt bad as the crew had rework.- figure out as much as you can ahead of time and get it written into the contact, vs. doing a change order afterwards. There were several things we initially decided to leave as is but once we saw what the place was looking like, there was no way we could leave them looking the way they did when the rest of the place was so amazing.- One point about interior window and door trim. The standard approach for a job like this is for the contractor to carefully remove the existing trim and then reinstall it. Our interior trim looks fine, but in some cases the fit is not exactly like the original (nor is it fair to expect that.) We also had two large half round windows where the new ones were slightly larger than the original. Thus we had to purchase replacement trim. Make sure you talk this part through so you are aligned on how things will be done.- set up a regular time to meet with the jobsite Manager and find out what's going on for the day. We did talk with our PM quite often. A set time (as much as possible) might have allowed us to catch those couple things that had to be reworked.Two final thoughts. First, Precision was toward the high end of the bids that we obtained. I also think however that they are of the greatest value because of their knowledge of materials and techniques, work ethic, and the final quality of the work. The place looks absolutely great, and we know it is completely watertight. Second, the people are all top notch: owner, PM's, crews, office manager. Everyone has a high personal standard for their work and it absolutely shows. Have no doubt whatsoever about recommending them to anyone.
Karhrine M. Devon PA
We found Mike and his team to be extremely professional,the work needed to be halted due to COVID restrictions but they were back on site as soon as they could. Their team of on-site guys were courteous, friendly and incredibly hard working, it was almost a pleasure to have them on site!The design input was also very helpful and they seemed to have an excellent appreciation of our needs, style and financial budget.
B.C.M. Radnor PA
We worked with Precision to do a complete remediation of the exterior of our stucco home. We had never done any project quite so large and are glad we went with Precision. It was clear from the initial meetings that they have excellent project management and an experienced team, ensuring a successful project. The scope of the job was a bit intimidating at first but they took the time to educate us about every step of the process . Precision has an excellent team that helped us think through some design decisions, consider various out of the box options and ultimately transformed our home. The team at Precision was flexible, attentive to details and responsive, even when we made a number of last minute change orders. Precision dedicated a good deal of time and effort to promptly follow-up on all the details to ensure the end result was what we wanted. Throughout the entire process, the team was courteous, professional and just plain nice. We highly recommend Precision Contracting Services!
Kristen M. Elverson PA
The company and the crew are fabulous. They respond to every question, need, and concern. They have an extremely high standard of work.
Jon L. Glenmore PA
From the initial contact with Sales rep through all phases of demo/construction Precision has been thorough. No surprises. Kept to their schedule. Workers were organized, efficient and thoroughly cleaned up at close of work each day. Precision has earned the right to show my house to prospective clients.
Rebecca M. Coatesville PA
Precision Contracting Services, LLC proved to be an efficient and courteous crew - from Laura in the office to Sean at the site and everyone in between! Their professionalism is outstanding, the final product is excellent! Special shout out to Mike for holding our hand at the beginning and walking us through the process!
Brian S. Malvern PA
Precision delivered! We could not be more pleased with the stucco remediation/siding installation project done by the Precision team. From start to finish Precision exceeded our expectations in every way. Beginning with our initial meeting, we knew Precision the right choice for our project. The Precision team walked us through every detail of the project to ensure alignment on our vision. Once the vision was established, they brought it to life delivering a home that was well beyond what we dreamed. Thank you Precision!!!
Jim C. West Chester PA
Absolutely Exquisite Craftsmanship in every detail.
Charles C. West Chester PA
This past summer, PCS completed an outstanding redo of the outside shell of my home, making it beautiful & safe! It was only later, with the cold Jan 2019, that I could feel how much more comfortable my home is (with lower heating costs). We chose PCS because they share our vision of a beautiful, safe and practicable home! Thanks!
Scott G. Media PA
The initial sales, scheduling, setup and work quality has been great. Things don't always go as planned but any changes were mostly well communicated. They were clear with issues that were found and remediation plans that were recommended were concise and reasonably priced for the quality of work that was performed. The only snafu was an ordering snafu that pushed a portion of the work form completion past the holiday we were hoping to have the outside completely finished. The snafu seemed to be poor planning on the ordering side as they waited until the last second to order outside shutters and then had some miscommunication pushing the order out further. Beyond that one issue everything was great, and for the size of the project to have such a small hiccup is a testament to their quality
Thomas M. Downingtown PA
Great team! Excellent workmanship! Great communication and worked with me on any of the issues I had.
Lalonnie W. Media PA
I am very happy with Precision Contracting Services .
Bruce B. Devon PA
I met with 5 contractors for my stucco remediation project before selecting Precision Contracting Services (PCS). While all of the contractors were very professional, PCS was in a completely different league in terms of the detail of the proposal, the quality of the materials used, the manner in which they are used, the quality of their workmanship, and the explanation of their process.
Ross M. Villanova PA
We could not be more happy with the result of our project. We would recommend Precision Contracting Services to anyone!
Luke K. Philadelphia PA
They did excellent work and are highly recommended.
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