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Contractors understand the importance of keeping clients and workers safe. Many have adopted new standard ways of working, such as replacing in-person meetings with virtual conferencing and limiting the size of on-site crews. Ask your potential contractor about the specific measures they have in place to ease any concerns you may have.

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I've been meaning to contact Superior Roofing. I keep forgetting and I just haven't had time to see if they would like to put a sign in our yard. I know I've seen them around a couple of blocks from where I live. They did a house there and left a sign in the yard for advertisement. If Superior Roofing would like to do that for a while, we would be more than happy to do that! The guys that were here talked to us. They were really courteous! They let us know what was going on. We have had other people here to do other things and by far, these guys are the very best crew we have had here to do anything! We will tell everyone that if they want siding or something to do with their home, that they should contact Superior Roofing!
Brian H. , Rapid City, SD
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