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Weldon Home Exteriors provides outstanding customer service and leads the industry in personalized project management.

Weldon Home Exteriors sets the standard of excellence when it comes to professional siding installation. As a preferred James Hardie installers, our team has been factory trained, and our installation is by the book.

Quality Work Back With A 30 Year Warranty

Your product will be installed correctly and to manufacture's specifications, guaranteeing that your 30-year Hardie warranty will be honored. James Hardie randomly audit's our installation and at present we are the highest scoring company in Georgia. Weldon Home exteriors has developed a checklist designed to deliver the quality you expect and the craftsmanship you deserve.

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Initially I was pleased with Weldon Home Exteriors. The price was comparable to other outfits and the crew did a great job of making sure everything was installed efficiently and cleaned up each night. Overall, the siding work has been as expected. However, issues came after the install. During install the crew accidentally damaged our roof, I found out about this after a hard rain. I called the owner, told him about the issue and did not ask for him to fix it,r ahter to come and take a look. He assured me he would send his "roof guy: out to look at it. A week later, after no one showed up, I called again. I have never heard from him since, after multiple times trying to get a hold of him. I was willing to work with them to reach a solution, having been in construction before I realize accidents happen. Weldon Exteriors' blatant disregard for following through on their promise to send someone out, and the cowardice of not responding to subsequent phone calls should give anyone pause before choosing this company and dealing with the owner. Additionally, some of the molding originally installed had come loose, rather than not receive a callback, I had the painters fix that issue. Also, we were told our project would be put on some Hardie list as a certified install...that has yet to happen.
Peter A. , Lawrenceville, GA
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