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Simply put, Chattanooga Exteriors provides solutions for homeowners who need assistance when it comes to the exterior façade of their homes. By providing durable, low maintenance James Hardie Products in a manner that is professional yet innovative we can add value and enduring beauty to any home.

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Chattanooga's only James Hardie Elite Preferred Remodeler

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Our project began in October of 2015 with a 5 week (worst case scenario) timeline. The exterior of the house was taken down to the studs (two layers of siding removed), new plywood was attached around the entire house, and areas that had water damage were replaced with new studs and insulation. From the first day that the Hardie install began, the project went downhill. Chipped boards and trim were everywhere due to bad cuts and poor product handling, and the caulk work was terrible. But no one from CE was questioning the quality of the install. We had to push for a meeting at our house for the CE project manager to come out and look at it. They admitted it was bad and eventually had to send in a different crew to try and patch things up. Nearly every piece of trim on the house had to be ripped out and replaced, some sections had to be completely redone, and most of the caulk scraped off and replaced. It still will never look as it should have if it had been installed correctly the first time. We were also noticing faded areas in the Iron Gray siding since Day 1, but CE kept putting off our concerns, saying it was “dust” and would be cleaned up at the end. Turns out it wasn’t dust — there was a problem with the pre-painted finish, but by then the siding was on the house. CE then informed us that we’d have to file a claim with James Hardie to address the paint/finish issues. Now, four months and nearly $40k after the project began, the house is still unfinished. We have further discovered that trim was incorrectly installed and completely covers the bottom of the weep holes on half of our windows. This has created a major water issue because water is draining through the top of the weep holes and then is being forced inside our walls and into the interior of the house, instead of draining on the outside. We have water pouring through our interior sills during rainstorms. CE admitted they overlooked it and made a mistake on the install, but are refusing to correct the issue unless we pay for it. As siding and window install "experts," there is no excuse that this wasn’t brought up during the initial install (or the second install) and resolved at that time. To fix the water issue now, we are looking at ripping out new siding and trim for the **second time**, tearing out windows, and addressing new water damage. We now cannot get any response from CE to address the issue (and supposedly there is a warranty on their work).
Roman B. , Signal Mtn, TN
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