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Contract Exteriors is a home contractor that specializes in the exterior of both remodeling and new construction projects.

Contract Exteriors is a home contractor that specializes in the exterior of both remodeling and new construction. Contract Exteriors was created to help our customers have a single source for their exteriors construction needs. Contract Exteriors' goal is to help each and every customer achieve the curb appeal they are looking for. Our commitment to quality has allowed us to become one of the few James Hardie, and GAF Master Elite installers in the Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Bluffton, and Raleigh markets.

What We Do

Whether its siding, roofing, windows, decking, or railing, let Contract Exteriors help you with your exterior construction needs. Contract Exteriors is a contractor that specializes in the exterior construction of both custom and production building. Contract Exteriors was created to help utilize the knowledge gained in purchasing, estimating, and project management.

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This experience came from working for a major production builder, and allows Contract Exteriors to be familiar with all aspects of the building process. While our experience has allowed us to understand the total construction process, our focus is the exterior of the home. We look forward to the opportunity to showcase our ability with your company.

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The quality level of the job promised was not actually delivered. Four areas were promised by the salesman but were never addressed even after bringing it to his attention a second time. I was told the workers were the best of the best but in a couple areas it was apparent they were not following guidelines and with a complete language barrier, it lead to my questioning the level of their Hardie training. I was told pictures of my project would be posted so I would see the progress but this didn't happen until I inquired weeks after it started. I was told that any structural issue would be evaluated by C.E. and that we would together draw up a solution and decide next steps. The majority of the time this did happen but a couple times it did not by the crew resulting in confusion and rework. The contractor Derek did either answer my concerns fully or help show me why they did things different than I understood them to be done. Finally, I was told Hardie would sent their own inspectors to review our C.E. project and they never did. I brought all four areas to the attention of the salesman as they arose and again all four on 8.22.15 but his reply was, ' Other than these four areas, how are we doing?'. He never addressed the issues I had of why there was a difference between what was promised and what actually took place. Why were no Hardie inspectors present when we were told there would be? We paid about $5-8K higher for C.E. purely based on the salesman's promised level and quality of service we were to receive. I voiced this concern to him but there was no offer of why these four things took place in opposition to his initial promise. I feel the quality of the job was oversold and under-delivered and combined with the fact we paid more resulted in a dissatisfaction overall. The things I am satisfied with are that the project came out fine externally and it looks great cosmetically. Items I know of of concern structurally and cosmetically were repaired or redone. During the demo we found several structural house issues and a fire hazard that could have been devastating if left unaddressed. Several suggestions were made by the salesman and contractor that resulted in improvements over what we had prior. Also,they fixed or replaced anything damaged or lost during the project of the original house accessories/attachments.
Rosa M. , Mt. Pleasant, SC
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