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Contractors understand the importance of keeping clients and workers safe. Many have adopted new standard ways of working, such as replacing in-person meetings with virtual conferencing and limiting the size of on-site crews. Ask your potential contractor about the specific measures they have in place to ease any concerns you may have.

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(I'd give 4.5 stars out of 5 if I could, as my cons are fairly nitpicky.)PROS: I appreciated EMA's sales staff and process. I felt everybody I dealt with throughout the process was honest and cared. We appreciated our workmen, who were amiable and very hardworking, strived for excellent work, and talked to us about what they were doing. When the old siding came off, we were surprised at some issues within the walls of the 50-year old house, but EMA and the workers (for a charge) were quite able to address those issues. And the finished job was very good work with which we are pleased (which is ultimately the goal, right?)... And a sidenote: the company apparently gives a percentage of all profits to a worthy local charity. (Very cool!)CONS: After removal of the old siding, we probably found 200 old nails and screws in our mulch over the next week. (Perhaps in the future they could put down tarps or else spend 30 minutes using a magnetic pickup tool after demolition?)...And there was one board on the house that the installers started to put on in what we thought was a wrong color. They showed us their paperwork, we showed them our renderings, and I don't think the two matched for that one single board (which he called fascia but I disagreed). But, after brief discussion and a look at our renderings, they did amiably install it exactly how we wanted. Again, I'll emphasize that the final product was very good and the staff and workers were great. I'd give a 4.5 (if I could), based mostly on the nails in the yard.
Jeff F. , West Chester, OH
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