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Dave S. Cincinnati OH
Tony and Sue on the sales and administrative end were amazing to work with from beginning to end of the process. They communicated clearly and were extremely quick to respond. Pat on the construction end was dedicated and one of the hardest working construction members we have ever had! He clearly communicated and talked through changes and made sure we were pleased with the smaller details as well as finishing touches. The site was kept clean every day and safe for our small kids.We are so pleased with their work and would quickly hire them for future projects!
Jeff F. West Chester OH
(I'd give 4.5 stars out of 5 if I could, as my cons are fairly nitpicky.)PROS: I appreciated EMA's sales staff and process. I felt everybody I dealt with throughout the process was honest and cared. We appreciated our workmen, who were amiable and very hardworking, strived for excellent work, and talked to us about what they were doing. When the old siding came off, we were surprised at some issues within the walls of the 50-year old house, but EMA and the workers (for a charge) were quite able to address those issues. And the finished job was very good work with which we are pleased (which is ultimately the goal, right?)... And a sidenote: the company apparently gives a percentage of all profits to a worthy local charity. (Very cool!)CONS: After removal of the old siding, we probably found 200 old nails and screws in our mulch over the next week. (Perhaps in the future they could put down tarps or else spend 30 minutes using a magnetic pickup tool after demolition?)...And there was one board on the house that the installers started to put on in what we thought was a wrong color. They showed us their paperwork, we showed them our renderings, and I don't think the two matched for that one single board (which he called fascia but I disagreed). But, after brief discussion and a look at our renderings, they did amiably install it exactly how we wanted. Again, I'll emphasize that the final product was very good and the staff and workers were great. I'd give a 4.5 (if I could), based mostly on the nails in the yard.
Julie D. Milford OH
Pat was very detail oriented with everything on our project. He and the crew did great work on coming up with solutions to fit our project. The workmanship is exceptional and we are very pleased with how our project turned out.
Mark C. Terrace Park OH
They surprisingly were very professional and hardworkers.
Brynn F. Montgomery OH
Everyone I worked with at EMA was friendly and professional. My concerns were addressed when necessary and my questions were answered quickly. As a realtor, I am aware of all the problems that can arise when Hardie products are installed incorrectly, so I watched the process carefully. EMA did an excellent job, and the house looks great!
Dave K. Newton OH
The Hardy board is beautiful. Jamie made a real effort to match the original siding with the Hardy board siding. We are very pleased.
Steve S. Cincinnati OH
EMA fulfilled my expectations and I believe did a professional job installing new Hardie siding over 35-year-old redwood siding. The sales rep/project manager was responsive and communicated well. The crew worked hard and the job was completed in a workmanlike manner. My main caveat is to pay close attention to bid details. In my case, the actual amount of siding to be replaced was about 25% less than the original quote stated. I brought this to EMAs attention and in the end, saved about 25% of the original bid cost. To the company's credit, they did not dispute the difference but reserved the right to change the reduced bid should the square footage in fact be more when the work was completed. That was a reasonable solution. EMA also agreed to leave their ladder jacks in position for my painter to use immediately after their work was completed. I appreciated this gesture as did the painter. Thanks, for that! I do recommend EMA.
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