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Judy G. Lake Stevens WA
I feel like they were flexible to my needs as a consumer. On a personal level, the working team was accommodating as far as timelines and my special requests.
Bruno R. Seattle WA
The company and project manager responded quickly and well to our input and questions regarding punch list issues. In fact, the installers did a great job under difficult conditions because of constricted work space.
Scott S. Seattle WA
They did a great job on my house. The job site was kept clean and organized, and the final product was a dramatic improvement in appearance and durability over the original wood siding.
Nancy J. Coupeville WA
Superior service.
Brian C. Seattle WA
Very professional experience, top to bottom. I got several bids for my siding project, and it was a no-brainer after Pacific Exteriors came through. Their price wasn't the lowest, but the level of experience and expertise was worth the extra cost when it came to comfort in making my decision. They were timely, listened to my concerns, fixed problems as they arose, and worked around my schedule. I'm not the easiest customer to please, and when spending tens of thousands of dollars, I expect an excellent outcome. This is what I got, and my house looks like-new. If I had to give one thing that could be improved, it would be the touch-up painters afterward. They did not speak English and needed to make multiple return trips to get things right. That said, P.E. made sure I was satisfied before it was all said and done. I'd definitely recommend them.
Kelly R. Kirkland WA
I was thrilled with the service, the quality of their work, and the time it took them to complete the process was very impressive. It took less than a week and it looks beautiful.
Andy R. Renton WA
I was impressed by the salesperson's information and material. Our project manager was responsive and professional, but I expected him to do more site visits. The project went very fast (once it finally started) so there weren't that many days to visit. The siding tear-off and replacement was hardly 6 days total. I'm glad I happen to be on vacation when it took place so I could keep tabs on how things were going. The crew started out with stunning attention to detail, but about half way through it seemed like they were really rushing to be done and I can't say the caulking and details were the same quality as when they started. I understand it is a job site, and I made sure they had at least the requested 3 feet around the house to work. But the crew treated it like an unfinished construction site, not a home being remodeled. I was working on some other projects in the yard, and had some irrigation valves and hoses laid out. I was sure to not be in their way but rather than walk literally a foot or two out of the way they just trampled anything that stood between them and what they were working on. Also now that we have a new puppy that wants to explore the yard, I've noticed a fair number of large paint flakes in the front yard I've had to clean up. This is the first big construction job I've hired out for my home, and I paid top dollar, over $28,000 for less than a week of a siding and not even 3 full days of a paint crew. I have to be honest and feel like I didn't get top dollar attention. Maybe I'm expecting too much, but this was happening during the housing market explosion this summer (2018) and it felt like suddenly we were a small fish on their plate and they had other bigger jobs to worry about impressing us. Also I was surprised at how much material went into the dumpster after the tear off. I'm glad they fixed things that weren't up to their standards but years ago I worked in construction and put up Hardiplank siding on a couple jobs. If I had rushed that fast and thrown that much new material into the dumpster my boss would have chewed me out or worse. I'm not unhappy with the final product, it looks great and they have a great warranty. But I went from feeling like I would get $28K worth of attention to just another job that needed to get done as fast as possible.
Megan C. Seattle WA
I am very happy with their work.
Jeff M. Bellevue WA
Before and after was just amazing. Totally transformed the house.
Jeff M. Bellevue WA
Before and after was just amazing. Totally transformed the house.
Somsak T. Tacoma WA
they do good job
Bethany H. Monroe WA
I would just say that the process was clear, professional, and easy for us, all the way through.
Ken P. Issaquah WA
I was extremely pleased with the level of service and quality of work performed by Pacific Exteriors to meet my needs for siding and painting, as a one-stop solution. Ron (salesperson), Steve (project manager) and Benito (installation supervisor) did a herculean job in their respective areas of expertise and I consider them as consummate professionals.
Christopher C. Seattle WA
Pacific Exteriors finished a re-siding project that had been started in an earlier phase of remodel, and then painted the whole house. They were able to match the earlier style, and provide good solutions for the few areas of the house that were atypical. The end result looks really sharp, and I feel good about the structural integrity of the exterior.
Erin G. Tacoma WA
I have nothing but positive things to say about our experience with Pacific Exteriors LLC. We had a whole house re-side and couldn't be happier with the results. We were initially anxious about the process and the amount of money a project like this costs. However, from the initial meeting with Pacific Exteriors LLC and throughout the rest of the process, our anxiety was eased. Any question or concern we had was answered and dealt with in a timely manner. We are confident in the quality of workmanship and product on our project and we are extremely satisfied with all of the finish details that Pacific Exteriors LLC makes sure are done properly. My neighbor watched the process like a hawk, and he was very impressed! Start to finish, top notch experience.
Cindy C. Seattle WA
Pacific Exteriors was easy to work with, they were reliable and did a great job. Steve was an awesome project manager.
Laurie K. Snohomish WA
I cannot say enough good things about Pacific Exteriors. We replaced all our LP siding with Hardie Board. The owner, David, met with us & handled the estimate. He was extremely professional, no pressure & very detailed. After meeting with 2 other companies we had decided we would wait another year for our project & explained that to David when he arrived. By the time we spent an hour with David, we decided to proceed with Pacific Exterior. My extremely picky, perfectionist mother could not believe the quality of the installation. The installers cleaned up after themselves and every day when they left, they made sure our side yard fence was put back together for the safety of our dogs. I even caught of of the guys making a quick repair on my potting bench when he didn't know I was watching. Yes, it was a pretty expensive project but it was all worth. Even the gal in the office, Christina went above and beyond my expectations. I would HIGHLY recommend this company!
Hien P. Seattle WA
Scott A. Shoreline WA
The whole process was executed professionally. From sales, to project management to installation to finish paint. It came out looking great.
Liza K. Seattle WA
Pacific Exteriors did a great job! Everyone from the sales person, to project manager and the actual installer were super friendly and communicative. We encountered some issues as our house was 100 years old and Pacific Exteriors handled it well and our finished product looks fantastic. We were given multiple options when issues arouse and truly felt like Pacific Exteriors was as invested in our home as we were. We never doubted their ability to do a quality job and would not hesitate to work with them again.
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